Earbuds mic not working maybe muted?

Hi hope you can suggest somthing, had my ff4 and earbuds for a few months now, I misplaced my earbuds then found them in my office draw about 3 weeks later so completely flat, charged up fine play music fine ANC works as well as ever so does the voice through mode but if I make or receive any calls over them no microphone if I link up to my laptop windows 10 no mic and Linux mint no microphone so assume there is a button press to mute the mic I have done but can not see it in the manual, raised a ticket a week ago on the support page and no reply

Anyone? Please let me know? Still had no response from support

Well ? welcome to the forum, but it seems a) you only left the initial message 19 hours and in that you didn’t mention any contact with official support or what was suggested as a fix and what questions you were asked.

I did mention it, its at the end of the post “raised a ticket a week ago on the support page and no reply” sorry if it wasn’t clear, was feeling really fed up when I wrote it so maybe I was not clear enough

You are right I didn’t read your post well enough, however waiting a week for support is the defacto minimum :frowning:

You say you had no reply. Do you mean nothing useful? Did you get an acknowlegement of you query i.e. some reply?

Yes no reply at all not even a acknowledgement

Did you get a ticketnumber to confirm that your request is received by Fairphone?

So how did you make contact? by the online form ??

Yes got a ticket number filled in the online support ticket system, have had a reply from them late yesterday afternoon but its wasn’t helpful in my case but did have the reset process but unfortunately it didn’t fix my issue so have sent them the photos they asked for so will see what happens

Yes by the online form, had a response finally yesterday afternoon

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Unfortunately not had a reply since the 28th September where I had to confirm the SN to arrange an RMA its now the 10th November and nothing, I love my devices but this lack of support is terrible

just for the records. its 10th of October :wink: still its too long, seems they still have a huge backlog

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Just an update still no replay since the 28th of last month its getting Silly