Earbuds battery time

Hi, recently got my FP4 and earbuds. The earbuds spec says 5 h battery time, is to that the total time for the case+earbuds? I read 20 h in total somewhere, but maybe I got that wrong. So what is it …?

While I’m not an expert, both my own first-hand experience with my Fairphone TWS earbuds and the specifications in the shop make me certain to say 5 hours is on a single earbuds charge (without recharging in the case). You are probably aware that these time spans are never exact and often are based on a medium, not maximum volume, and also depend of other factors (e.g. distance and barriers between main device and earbuds).

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I think that 5h it’s for every charge of the earbuds, and 20h it’s the total amount of time of usage including the case battery power, not plugging it into a power socket (at least it works like that for my xiaomi earbuds :slight_smile: )

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