Earbuds 3D model

Would it be possible to get the Fairphone Earbuds 3D model? It would be really nice to print and try the earbuds before ordering.

Many top brand ear buds have excellent technology and great sound, but they don’t fit me and cause severe pain after few hours. Just by trying the earbuds without soft tips, you will get an idea does the earbud geometry fit your ear canal at all and will it stay in place. Alternatively, manufacturers could provide cheap dummy earbuds just to try the fit.

This would be something every manufacturer should provide.

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This is where you should listen to your body and look for onear- or over-ear headphones.
Have you heard of product plakiat? Providing a model according to your ideas makes it even easier for product pirates to counterfeit a product. The Chinese are big in this business.

I find your idea a bit naive.

Hi @DumFair

Welcome to the forum, quite a user name.

OK That’s a bit over the top as a demand and a bit weird as I’m sure all the earbuds are much the same i.e. designed for the ‘common’ ear…

I hate earbuds as like you I find them painful after a while but I’m not sure how even one manufacturer could do what you want. The best you can do is to go to a hearing aid shop and ask them to make a model. You could then ask the manufacturers to compare and give you an idea, but I doubt they would be so amenable.

I was thinking the word ‘naive’ was a bit harsh but I’m trying to think of a simple expression that would sit easier in my ear, nope earbuds can be a pain.

Sorry not to be of any real support for your idea. I think ‘unrealistic’ would be the word I would chose. It doesn’t fit in my ear but is less painful. :slight_smile:

All the best

An ear is like a fingerprint, it differs for each human person.

There are two issues I can think of apart form the the fact the link is to something 11 years ago

a) Relative to the link:- an ear is easy to deform and therefore not very good as a unique identifier, unlike fingerprints.
b) Relative to the topic: The issue is more of the smaller inner part of the ear. I wonder how much room there is for earbud manufacturers to adapt.

Ok, some more actual information on “ear fingerprint”

I think not much. We are in a Field Experience.

As I have similar issues with the real in ear buds, I recently bought the Huawei Buds, as the non Pro version is the old school in ear style. Sure ANC does not work very well and they only last around 3hours, but I really like them and use them a lot

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