/e/ Q is out for FP2

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The announcement of Android 10 (Q) for the FP2 was on 18.01.2021: Week 03 : 2021: Development and Testing Updates - Development Updates - /e/ community


I happened to install it (from scratch) last night and installation worked without problems.

I haven’t tested it a lot, but I encountered troubles using F-Droid. Installing apps via F-Droid initially failed.

Update: Later on and right now F-Droid seems to work. I have been able to install Fairphone Checkup via F-Droid.

In fact, even Checkup’s secondary microphone test seems to work now without the escalating echo flaw! :+1:


Thanks for the move (@Ingo) and the feedback (@urs_lesse) !

Nice to read that!
I’m going to upgrade my Pie version later this week!


There has been the announcement of /e/ v0.14 a few minutes ago:

People coming from v0.13 who had installed the microG Exposure Notification system app should update the app before the update to v0.14. Otherwise it gets uninstalled and has to be re-installed by manually downloading the APK.


Just updated to that, too (I was too impatient to use the system update in settings, so I downloaded the .zip from /e/ image ROM download and shoveled it to the FP2 and flashed it with TWRP). Frictionless install, not noticing visual differences on the home screen though – but then again, the differences should be in the apps.


I was brave and updated my testing FP2 without wipe. I just wiped cache/Dalvik cache and it worked out for me.


Now I am confused. So there is a 0.14 Version in pie and in q? And if I want q, I need to flash it like @urs_lesse wrote?

Thanks for the work!


It also showed in the System Update (in the phone’s Settings) and started to download, but I just wanted to speed it up – just for a quicker download.

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But in the system updater, it’s 0.14 pie, not 0.14 q, or am I wrong?

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I admit that I do not remember that (important) detail anymore :blush:

P.S.: I was already on Q before updating to 0.14 Q. I think I read somewhere today that to switch from P to Q, it still cannot be done through the System Update function, but by flashing the .zip via computer or TWRP.


Yes, that’s correct. This is mentioned several times on /e/ OS forum. It’s always said that pie -> Q migration via updater is planned for a later stat but not sure it’ll come…


Ah, that resolves my question. But I didn’t know that there was a q version since 0.11, I just learned it now!
So I will take some time end of the week to update by flashing, like you did. Thanks!

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I’d recommend to do a backup before migrating from pie to q… (although it seems to work…).


Admission: I didn’t even wipe cache/Dalvik (I didn’t wipe at all) when I originally flashed /e/ and it worked and I even found some apps I had installed on the previous OS (Fairphone Open OS).


I just made the upgrade to 0.14 Pie flawlessly from the settings. New design in a lot of apps it seems (calendar, message, gallery, etc.).
Upgrade schedule on the week-end


I’ve done the manual update from self built 0.13 Q to current official 0.14 Q without problems.


Ah, you got this :+1: . I read the notes, but I didn’t get it this way at first (my fault).
I’ll just quote you and double the chances of people seeing this, bold by me.


Yeah, I ran into this during the testing phase of v0.14. :wink:

It’s not a big deal and can be fixed now that the information is out how to do it and where to get the APK if necessary. But it came rather unexpected.

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The warranty still says that ”[t]he Fairphone [w]arranty does not cover damage resulting from [d]amage caused by the installation of a [t]hird [p]arty [o]perating [s]ystem“ (point 4.2 i)), which I’d interpret as ”Well, you got a weird, unknown or hard to fix issue. This can only be the result of your OS, which you installed by yourself.“, which in turn keeps away many of those willing to give another OS a chance from trying it.

So, in other words: would I still get warranty if I switched my OS from one of the OSs on code.fairphone.com?

Are you referring to FP3 or FP2?
You’re in a FP2 topic, link to FP3 warranty and to FP2 OS code…