e/OS problems on FP4

Where can I find an actually list of open and solved problems with newest e/os version on FP4 ?

I’d start here:

although this is not filtered for the newest version.
For additional advice I’d head over to /e/ forum at


Here’s a list of development milestones including /e/OS versions, just select a version to see what’s going on related to it …


And if you want to follow progress on a weekly basis, there are also posts about what to expect next


My experience with /e/ OS so far still is quite positive. The latest update from a few days ago again fixed some things I could experience. Display auto-light now seems to work correct as I judge. Using the provided App lounge now works in “anonymous” mode not only in registered mode.
The system runs stable since version one and flashing went flawless right from my initial attempt using the provided guide.
It feels very responsive, smooth and performant.
Also microG works surprisingly well with real/fake and pretended location using beeline (bike navigation). That was one of my worries. Battery performance is very acceptable for me even when watching/streaming movies.
Atm. I’m fully satisfied with it.

To also mention some kind of “problem”, the touch scanner could need some more tweaking. Maybe it’s a timing issue or something else. But every now and then I just press the button instead of trying another unsuccessful scan. Well nothing that actually bothers me too much, but according to the headline :wink:
This is definitely a way to go for interested users, but I have no experience with any cashless pay or banking options.


For me is Battery performance with the update end of june going bad. 1,5 day with less use. Beginning of june it was like 3 days.
Banking: SecureGo plus works. I don’t like it, but it works (I did no rooting)

You can also check this for the list of open issues.

Don’t forget to filter by Android version.


I can’t confirm, seems an individual issue. After each update to the latest things got better and battery performance rather increased.
What I could experience though, that updating takes much longer than it did in earlier times or maybe it’s because the updates has grown much larger.
Anyway operation afaik say is satisfactory for me atm. But yes stability/functionality seems a bit unsteady. An update might fix some issues, but may again break something that worked in the past.