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Hi Guys

I use my FP4 now since about 1 months, one of the first things I did was installing /e/ on it. (I owned a FP3 in the past and used Lineage OS on it). As I didn’t found a “official” post / image on Lineage for the FP4 I was wandering if there is a let’s call it basic image of /e/ available which doesn’t include MicroG and the standard apps like Bliss, AppStore and so on …

Please don’t missunderstand me - I’m not looking for a way to build a own image (this would be my last way if none is available).

Thanks for your help!


No, there isn’t. There are ways to remove system apps from /e/ but out of the box, no.
You might try out iodéOS or CalyxOS where you can select installable system apps during initial setup.
LineageOS for FP4 is also expected soon:


Hi Volker

Thanks for your answer - in this case I will try to reduce the installed programs on /e/ with adb. Maybe if LineageOS for FP4 is released I will think about install it.

So, now I only need a way to deinstall MicroG.


I wouldn’t suggest trying to remove microG from your /e/ installation, that will cause more trouble than it’s worth.

If you can’t wait for the official LineageOS release, both iodé and Calyx will let you easily remove everything, including microG, on the first boot, as @Volker already suggested.

At least with Iode OS (LOS+microG+Iode Blocker) you can uninstall everything (Apps and microG except for Iode Blocker) wasily during setup or later on in the settings and its already officially released.

wow … didn’t know that there are 2 “new” releases for FP4 :slight_smile: … as far as I can see Iode OS has everything I want to have including a firewall …

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The oslist will keep you updated. :slight_smile:

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