/e/OS for Fairphone 2 (for newbs)

Hi everyone,
I’m looking to switch my FP2 to /e/OS, but I’m struggling to follow the guide on the /e/ website. I’m not exceptionally techy to begin with, and the /e/ guide has swallowed me into a rabbit hole of prerequisites for prerequisites, so hopefully one of you angels can help simplify it for me or provide a clear step-by-step.
First off, I’m not particularly interested in backing anything up, I’m quite alright with wiping my phone clean. I’m hoping that’ll mean I can skip a couple of steps. I’m on a Windows PC and the OS on my phone is currently Fairphone OS 21.12.0-rel.1. All I’ve managed to do so far is become a developer on my phone and enable USB debugging. I’ve also installed the ADB drivers on my computer but nothing else.
Finally I guess I should ask, is there a chance that I might brick my phone trying to do this? Should I not attempt this if I’m not confident with tech stuff?
Thanks :+)

That’ll make it about a hundred times easier I’d say :wink:

That’s a very good start :slight_smile:
Have you managed to install twrp? The Installing or upgrading TWRP using adb and fastboot section should help you. Please be sure to use the version of TWRP, and not not restart in the system after flashing the image. This flashing is the most important step, so could you explain exactly what you’re not managing?


Hi, thanks for your help. I haven’t started with TWRP just yet, but on their website it says I’ll need the Android SDK platform tools so I’ve downloaded the .zip file on my computer (31.0.3 if that matters.) Should I extract the files into my C:\ drive? I’m assuming I only need to run the fastboot and adb .exe files and that’ll get me ready to flash the image.
Also, TWRP has newer versions for the FP2, but the advice around this forum seems to be to use Is that definitely right?

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Maybe this guide helps it also containd a link to another guide to bring ADB/fastboot on your PC. Else have a look at YouTube, I used a Video from there to “install” it


Thanks for the links, followed the LineageOS guide on how to install adb and fastboot and also watched a couple of videos to be sure, so now hopefully I have those tools at the ready.
I believe the next step is to enable OEM Unlock on my phone. I haven’t been able to do this in the phone settings so I’ll have to do it through the command line, as per this guide. Next I’ll have to install TWRP (version, not the newer versions, yes?) making sure to

not restart in the system after flashing the image

I’m assuming that means holding the Volume Up button when I fastboot reboot, as per step 6.b?

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The FP2 bootloader is not locked, so where die you read this is needed?

I personally always used the newest TWRP Version when installing e/OS or Lineage OS. Might be 3.2.3 is kind of minimum criterion .

Yes vol-up and power, if it fails no worry you just need to flash TWRP again


Some TWRP versions found to be not working well. I believe to remember 3.2.3 was known to be a good working release.


This page on the /e/ website says the bootloader needs to be unlocked in order to flash a custom ROM (/e/OS.)
Of course these guides are not specific to my device, so if I can skip this step then awesome :+)
Speaking of skipping steps, as I’ve said above I’m not interested in backing anything up, so I believe I can skip all of this and go straight to Wipe and then sideload the /e/ .zip package?

Yes disregard :blush:

And yes in my eyes you can also disregards everything reg back up.and just follow the FP2 specific installation guide. Fingers crossed


Awesome, I guess the last newb question I have is which build of /e/OS to download.
I’m guessing I should go with the latest “Q” dev build, v0.20-Oreo? I want as stable a build as I can get, and the “R” builds are still in Beta so I think I might want to avoid those.
Do I need the .img file or just the .zip package?

The img is another recovery what you don’t need as you have TWRP which is a recovery as well. As the R versions are from Aug and Q is still maintained and getting updates I personally would go with Q. However, you might want to wait a bit, we have a few people around here, that are active in the e forum as well and might have more information about this.


Currently attempting to install TWRP, when I type in adb devices on the command prompt my device shows up as an alphanumeric code followed by the word “unauthorized”. Any ideas??

I believe to remember this happens when you are running adb on your computer as a non-privileged user and your phone is connected for a different user or privileges that doesn’t allow adb to connect to it.

Tried this several times but my device is still unauthorised. How do I get the privileges??

EDIT: Nevermind, just needed to OK the prompt on my phone! Silly silly :+)

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I agree with @yvmuell that for now you should better go with the “Q” build. My FP2 is running with the “R” build and it’s true that there haven’t been updates for several months. But that was mainly because of those updates having problem in connection with the “R” builds. For the next update (0.21) versions for “Q” and “R” are expected.
Still it seems that “R” is a bit more “experimental” at the moment (although entire /e/OS is still a project in beta stage)…
And if you succeed now with installing /e/ (which I’m optimistic you will) then you’re already experienced enough to change to “R” at any time when appropriate (in case there will be no on-the-air (OTA) updates from “Q” to “R” - and you’ll have to use ADB again).


So how far did you get. Seems that only adb sideload of the image is missing…?!

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Yup! I’ve just finished sideloading the .zip file, now I’m getting ready to reboot system but TWRP says “No OS installed! Are you sure you wish to reboot?” so just before I swipe, is that what I should be seeing or have I forgotten something?

Sounds a bit strange. Where existed TWRP version not noticing a correct OS and so creating this message. But TWRP 3.2.3 should afaik not have that problem.
Still you’re imho save to swipe for reboot. In worst case there’s no OS installed and you end up in fastboot again.

Edit: I assume you had typed adb sideload e-0.20-q-20211215151800-dev-FP2.zip and you didn’t get an error message but a “success” at the end?


Pop the champagne, we did it!!!
I can’t thank you nerds enough, couldn’t have done it without you :’+)
If anybody here ever finds themselves in Glasgow DM me, I’ll buy you a drink!


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