/e/OS 2.1 update blocking FP4 Voice to Text. Any trusted Apps out there?

Is this to keep us safe from the Boogoogle Man, or just happening to me?

I’ll try removing the keyboard and reinstalling. I’ll report back.

…Nope, reinstalling didn’t work. Anyone else having this issue?

People using e/OS, normally use it, to not use Google… So did you test with another Keyboard? Maybe its just the combintion of OS and GBoard?

I am probably the odd one out. I use Google a lot, unconcerned with their privacy theft as much as the repair-ability of the cell phone. Replace-able battery is key for me. Having the best score possible from the iFixIt folks is what sold me on it.

It’s the voice-to-text feature that GBoard has that keeps me stuck on it. I’ll try some others, but they may not be bouncing my dictation off the Google for correction in context.