E foundation os location privacy

Hi everyone

In on e/os with fp3 and about every 10 minutes the location pin appeares in the notification bar. Yet location is turned off. When i go to settings to see what app used it sais “no apps requested location recenty”
I asked this question in the telegram e/fundation feed but nobody replyed to this(i got answers for every other issues there). And this makes this whole thing fishy.

Does anyone else had this? Whats happening?

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In the top right corner there should be a “three vertical dots” menu. There you can enable to also show system apps that are using location. I assume this will show something more than an empty list.


Every time I open an app that has location permission the location icon pops up for a short moment in the status bar even if location service is off. I hope it is a “mistake” by the system but not a real location fix. It would be too short for that anyway. The opened app is not shown in recently requested location then but system apps that provide location fix.


I have tryed this. Empty list it is…

I was wondering this as well, I think it’s the weather app, unless you have it set to custom location it will periodically check you location for it’s current weather.

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I already posted it in the other thread, but forgot to post it here as well.
Possibly those issues are connected, even though it’s /e/ here and FPOS there:


I also wonder why e.g. the Bliss launcher (home app for e) needs access to location?
I currently installed it via fdroid on my official fp-android but I guess it’s the same directly on e.

Reason is:


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Hi and many thanks for this information,
I had also a longer time(2-3 weeks) this location issue under /e/,
I have installed the “apex classic launcher”, and have not accepted its
access to location, now I have give free access and after that and a restart,
it worked for me well…thank you!!!


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