/e/ for FP3 (Google free OS)

Just a little update /e/ is working very fine so far. The message LEDs are also working.

What I have not tried yet:

GPS (route planning),
Blutoothconnect to my car-audio


I use it too, and I like it a lot. Real google free :slight_smile: (I was also on the alpha test).

It’s my opinion to notice after increased battery consumption, but I’m sure that will be patched out.

mcdaniels: GPS works for me.

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I had a somewhat obscure battery drain from the start, it was looking better after a factory reset.
Today Android’s optimisation seems to kick in, it’s really looking good today.

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That’s my third day with /e/ on board and I’m still impressed by the quality of the ROM: Really, if you could find any inconveniences to the default OS, move on /e/ before do any decisions to go back on another device.

The phone became really another one, only for the improved fingerprint reader that deserves some efforts!

Style no improvements when trying to use multi-touch with the phone sits on soft surface, so that confirms this problem is related to phone design

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This message has been taken from other branches of /e/, which are based on Nougat.
The fp3 branch of /e/ is based on LOS16, which is Pie, so this message is not relevant here.
I’ve seen a discussion about this on /e/ forum. They are aware of it and will fix it.


for me, the battery usage is much better compared to the “original” rom.

I think it is depending on how good you “scan” your fingerprint during initial setup.

Definitely not, I did it several times, had to scan multiple times the same finger to have the best possible result.

But now, had to do scan one time and I’m facing no more reject.

The ROM really changed my phone, and I invite anybody who could experience software inconvenience to move on /e/

Yes, I fully agree! I’m no wizzkid (50+ nurse) but with help from this community it took me 90 minutes last Sunday to make things works. These last few days I feel so relieved! Now Google is not watching my every step anymore, and my FP3 s like new, it works smooth and flawlessly.
So yes, do give /e/ a try, for sure before you decide to switch phone’s.
I really think FP3 & /e/ is a great team.


How is the camera quality with /e/? Is it similar to the quality with the default os?

I have now used Helium by ClockWorkMod. It cannot backup apps because of

This is true for Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack, Fennec, etc.

Also, restoring of APKs doesn’t work, only app data.

The quality is pretty same, but Open Camera has more options on board.

So at the end, you should have better results.

Not sure this is so true. As you mentioned Open Camera: for me it crashes on /e/ for non-STD modes, while e.g. HDR works on stock ROM.

Is push notification working for you ?

Yes, but it can be disabled in the global “swipe down” menu (I don’t know how it is called on android ^^’). Check if the bell is activated to get them (It can be hidden, check the :pencil2:) . Or desactivate the “Do Not Disturb” mode ^^ Screenshot_20200508

Interesting phone calls work good ?

Can I use the following apps?

Signal apk
Threema (apk) I have bought from the developer.
Nova Launcher (code) also bought direct.

I can’t use paid Playstore apps ?

Do I have to enable polling for Signal and Threema ?


Depends on how the App in question handles the “paid” status.
If the paid status is handled only by the Play Store, the App will not recognise being paid, because you don’t have the Play Store.
If the paid status is e.g. handled via a small extra App you have to install, then you could try to install the APK of the extra App and see whether the main App recognises this.

  • Signal apk: yes
  • Threema: yes, the apk downloaded from Thema shop
  • Nova launcher: it works. I assume they’ll offer a working app directly when you paid it directly.

No, not necessarily, it works through microG “Google cloud messaging”.

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Actually, I’m asking because there isn’t any app registered in GCM (microG) and I can’t figure out why. (and the notif are enabled)

OK - so I have to try per app. But I’m quite lazy presently … :wink:

Thanks. Nova Launcher sends you a code (but you have to ask them to buy directly)

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