/e/ for FP3 (Google free OS)

Hi Jella,

I unzipped the file under windows file-manager and not in the terminal-application-window.
Yes, if I recall it right, I unzipped the image-files to the platform-tools folder.
I just took care, that I was working in the directory, where the files were located (so I did not need to add a path).

I keep my fingers crossed. And if the files should not be found, I guess this can do no harm.

I can confirm that you have to unzip the files in the platform tools folder. When you are in Terminal, you have to work from that folder, otherwise it won’t work.
It’s true maybe they should have made it clear.
Maybe they didn’t because it’s probably kind of obvious when you know your way around that kind of thing!

The thing is: strictly speaking it does not matter all all where you unzip the folder to if you know how the command line works (nowadays most people usually never need to).

It seems that it’s easiest for most people to just put everything into the same folder. But then you got to hope that not two archives contain files with the same name. For the platform tools and custom ROM images this seems to be rarely the case, so it’s ok here. But strictly speaking it’s not a requirement.

But then you have to add the path to the files to the command. And that explanation is clearly missing.
And who - in times of graphic user interfaces - is still used to command-line operations.
Clearly a Linux user has done the explanation. :wink:

Has anyone already successfully kept root during an /e/ update without the need of a wipe?

You still have to flash the Magisk zip using the adb sideload after each update.
I didn’t wipe the data after the last 2 updates of /e/ and I had no problems apparently.


Thank you all for your reply! So now I should be ready to go.

Actually, I am only partially familiar with working in the command line, so indeed an /e/-installation explanation that is a bit more fool-proof could help, as long as there is no /e/-installer yet.

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Have you read this : https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP3/install ?

Yes, absolutely! Thanks. I just missed one bit of info (where to
unzip the DEV file). Now I’m all set.

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You can unzip it anywhere on your computer. Just remember the path where you unziped it and use it before running the fastboot command like cd /pathto/theunzippedfolder/

Perfect. Thanks again.

After the latest update, does videoconferences with Jitsi now working without audio problems?

I installed both recent updates and tested Jitsi and Telegram. They seem to work without problems.


Thanks. I update this weekend.

Hi, I have running /e/ on FP3 since a week and I’m really satisfied with the system. Google Service are replaced by MicroG Services, AppStore have many Apps - everything I need additional to F-Droid. Only PayPal is not running, PAYBACK payment is not possible. But ok, payments cloud be done in other ways :-). /e/ development status is just mentioned on the Fairphone page. efoundation has already a link for buying FP3 with /e/. I’m using /e/ productive - can’t see any issues of an dev status - I’m sure it is final. Last update was delivered yesterday. It is a great advantage of FP3 to open the bootloader for other OS - thanks for this … Best greetings Biz


Update: all went well! /e/ is up and running. So far so good. Very happy to be free from Google. :relaxed:


/e/ works great for me, I like it!

There are many things that I see critically about the organization. There are more and more devices to be supported (prio for /e/) and the browser and mail program is half a year old (no prio for /e/). They can’t even get a name right for two years.

I hope they don’t overdo it, and will still exist in five years.


I agree that /e/ works great. But I also have a bad feeling concerning used software.
They use also software from cleanapk.org, but nobody knows something about these downloads respect. who is behind this.
There is a report - only German- from an expert. He judged only from documents but promised that tests will follow later.


I would like to get it clear in my mind what is happening here:
1] Are the slots (inactive and inactive) the same as the partitions A/B?
2] As I understand the text, before the update, the boot image and Magisk are both installed in the active partition, after this procedure they are both installed in the (original) inactive partition. Presumably this now becomes the active partition and the old active partition now becomes the inactive one. Is this correct?

Might be a truism to the experts, but just in case anyone’s interested: I just succeeded in switching from Fairphone OS Android 10 on the FP3 (down) to /e/OS Android 9 using the same instructions I used when I previously switched from Fairphone OS Android 9 to /e/OS Android 9. No prior downgrading of Fairphone OS Android 10 to Fairphone OS Android 9 necessary.

Bear in mind what I just described is a downgrade (lower Android version), so data loss is not a risk, it is guaranteed. So if you want to keep personal data from Fairphone OS Android 10 and downgrade to /e/OS Android 9, you must make a backup.