Duplicate Calendar entries (FP2+Z-Push)


I have a problem with duplicate calendar entries.

  • FP2
  • Exchange Account
  • Active Sync (z-push)
  • Default Calendar app

Although there is only one (Exchange) calendar all entries are duplicated.

I removed the Exchange Account completely from the phone, restartet and at the beginning all was looking good, but after 1-2h the duplicates were there again.

At the moment I think its a problem on the phone, because other devices with this account do not show that behaviour.

Does anyone have an idea what this could be?

I found some google theads where they suggest to wipe the complete calendar cache. I did not try that, because there are also other calendars on that phone.

It seems that this is an z-push error. I configured an other phone with the exchange server settings and it also received duplicate calendar entries for this user.

Is there anyone with z-push/active sync know-how?

It seems that the reason was a bad calendar entry and not a problem with the phone.


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