Dual sim support is great

A new thing for me.

Backstory: Having building work done, had a grabber lorry remove the building debris from the front garden, they severed the cable/phone line to the house doing so…

Now fixed, but i used up 3/4 my monthly data allowance in one day having my phone tethered to my PC…

Went to the Three store and upgraded my plan*, but doesn’t apply until next month…
This is where the dual sim kicks in, got a temp giffgaff sim** and stuck that in the second sim slot… Was baffled for a while, but once i found the option to set phone/sms to sim1 and mobile data to use use sim2 all was solved.

So glad this was an option :slight_smile:

*4gb for £9.24 to unlimited data for £20
**10GB for £10 for one month


Interesting thing regarding this.

Had a friend call me, i was asleep at the time and didn’t notice…

When i next met them: “How long have you been using EE?”
Me: [confusion]

Turns out was because of the dual sim thing.
I have it set phone and text got to my Three sim, Data goes to the Giffgaff* (runs on the EE Network). somehow the incoming call got fed through to the second sim card’s voicemail…

So i had confusion with a friend thinking i’d changed my number, when just using a second sim for data only… A fixable issue probably?

*This itself being a one-month thing, waiting on a unlimited data upgrade enabling next billing cycle, got a 1month sim to cover the difference.

I’m pretty sure said call shouldn’t have fowarded to the second sim voicemail, as calls were set for sim #1

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