Dual Sim Interval Timer

Hey there,

I tried to get my second sim card (business card) working only a few hours a day. Is there an app like an interval timer, that switches the secound sim card on/off automaticaly? Could not find anything proper @googleplay.

Would be great, if somebody has a solution for my worries :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Fairphone has shown, that it is possible with the Peace of Mind button. Maybe they could issue an update which supports separate dual sim deactivation and time settings…!?

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This was something that came up as a suggestion on the old forum

The Llama app was suggested as being able to do some of this.

And as @Stefan suggested, this would make a great addition to the PoM app. I think we may have suggested this to FP already somewhere…

Tell me if I’m wrong but with the peace of mind app, the sim card only reactivates if you put your sim code again, right? It’ doesn’t reactivate automatically?

That’s a bummer. :confused:

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@ZoidbergForPresident, Yes unfortunately the App disconnects the sim totally which means if you set your sim to request a PIN it needs to be re-entered when the peace has finished. This is the same as using flight mode, when reactivating it requires a sim pin.

The only way to avoid this is currently to disable the sim pin and use a different method of locking your phone.

Might be worth starting this as a new topic as it doesn’t relate to the Dual Sim suggestion under discussion and it would be good to follow this one up with the FP team…

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Hi all,

Did you get anywhere with this @Karl_Kamillo?

I want to turn in SIM 2 for 6pm-10pm - something like this app but one that actually works…


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Have you Dual SIM Control by Mobius Apps (Google Play) in connection with Tasker (Google Play)? Would be interesting if it works. (You should first test Dual SIM Control for free.)

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried these apps.

PS.: Can you tell us, which Fairphone model you have?

I’m on FP1 still. I will try those apps and let you know

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Because of the MTK Chipset, I’m not sure if all of this automation apps will work.
To enable and disable the two Simcards and set 3G mode on my FP1 I use Taskler and the Dual Sim Control Plugin for Tasker (Both from Google Play).


Dual Sim Control Full Edition:

Yes I have Dual Sim and that does work. I tried Automate but this couldn’t pick the specific task of turning on/off a sim, only to open up that specific menu.

You will see from here though that I have more pressing matters at the moment!