Dual SIM: disconnect contact from SIM-Card

Hello. I once assigned a specified SIM-card to a contact, but now I don’t manage to disconnect it again. I use two SIM-Cards and switch the standard SMS-card according to the country I’m actually in (settings-SIM-cards). As a result of this failed disconnection, I have to pay extra fees for sending messages while I’m in the country that doesn’t correspond to the country of this contact. Can anyone help?

Interesting problem.
Just how do you connect a contact to a specific SIM-card in the first place?
I am really curious.

Hi, what app do you use to send messages? Some custom app from the play store?
Same as @BertG, i wouldn’t know how to pin a contact to a specific SIM in the first place …

I choose the SIM card just before I type the message. Whilst the text field is blank, I can choose a SIM-Card. But there is no “ask every time” option that is provided by the main “settings”-“SIM-Cards”-menu.

Maybe by chance in the phone application -> three-dot-menu on the right hand side in the name/number typing field -> Import/Export -> Manage SIM card contacts

If I get it right; do you mean to chose the SIM-card when sending a SMS?
In the “Settings” select “SIM-cards (SIM-Karten)”:
There you find the section:

Preferred SIM for

  • Data
  • Calls
  • SMS

Selecting SMS you get 3 options:

  • Ask every time
  • SIM 1
  • SIM 2

Are you looking for that?

no… there is no such option “manage SIM card contacts”. Moreove, my topic is not dealing about SIM-card-contacts, but about short messages to contacts that are stored on the phone.

Ok, at this point FP1 and FP2 seem to differ. But I didn’t understand your question as messages connected to a specific SIM because you initially wrote “disconnect contact from SIM-Card” - and this is what this menu option I gave should be able to do.

Yes. That is what is offered to me by the general menu referring to sending SMS. But if I type a SMS to a specific person, the third option is not given anymore. As a result, the person stays connected to one SIM-card.

Oh I understand. You were going in the wrong direction. It does not deal about any contact stored somewhere (eg on the SIM-Card), but about one specific SIM-card sending my messages. I think BertG showed the right menu… but its valid only for contacts in general.

But if you generally chose “Ask every time”, you should be asked before sending a message. What app do you use for messaging? Maybe there’s some specific setting in the app-settings.

I’m beeing asked, but only for the contacts that have an unspecified use of SIM-cards. Once I defined a SIM card, this option is not shown anymore and I’ll have to switch manually every time I change the country.

As far as I know this is the common behaviour on all OS I know, because if you send messsages of one thread from different numbers, then the receipient cannot sort them together in one thread any more but will probably display them in two different threads. Also he would not know to which of the numbers to reply to.

If it’s only one contact, why don’t you just create a new contact for that person and delete the old one that is linked to the SIM?

Thats true. But its the case anyway if I switch! The other person will always have two threads unless its operating system allows him to show them together. So theres no reason to deny such an “ask again” option.

yes… that would be y last chance.

I understand that there are cases when it is desired to be able to use a different behaviour than the standard.

I’d look for ways to change this from the contacts app. I don’t have an FP2 to try this on, but with a bit of luck the mechanism is similar in Android 6. In the FP1 the contacts management app is called ‘people’. Within your contacts app, open the contact that you want to edit, look for the number that you want to change the SIM selection behaviour for, and then long-press the number. If the number is associated with a specific SIM, you’ll have the option to remove the association, if it isn’t associated the option to set an association is shown instead. When the association is removed, that number should then follow the the system settings preferred SIM again.

I think now we’re coming close to the core. But I don’t find the function to associate a SIM-card long-pressing the number. My Android version is 6.0.1, it should be existing then… You’re talking about the contact as shown in the people app before pressing the edit mode?

On the older version of Android, yes - no need to access edit mode. I’ve been trying to find a reference on how to do this in Android 6, but no luck so far.