Dropped phone on floor, now not booting (Lineage OS)

This morning I dropped my Fairphone 3 onto the bathroom floor. It bounced around on it’s edges until settling on the bathroom mat. The screen wasn’t damaged at all, but when I swiped to unlock the screen, every swipe of the finger on the pattern unlock screen made the phone buzz constantly, I think registering as many individual touches rather than one swipe.

Not able to unlock the phone, I restarted it. After rebooting the device only shows the “Fairphone: Made by Android” screen without proceeding. I tried removing the battery and trying again but without success.

I am running Lineage OS on this phone and should have fastboot access if needed. I have no idea what to do now however and would be very thankful for any ideas.

I just tried entering fastboot and that works without problem.

Should I try updating the Lineage OS somehow?

Hi Commedia, actually I would check hardware, i.e. dissasamble and re-assemble to see if anything loosened.

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Dear yvmuell,

thank you very much!

I disassembled the phone, cleaned the parts and connectors with isopropyl alcohol and put it back together. Now it starts up and works perfectly!

Thank you so very, very much!!!