Dropped phone - flickering screen

Hi, I dropped my phone today and since then the screen is flickering (and can not use the phone at all). I tried to switch it off and let it rest, and restarted it, took off the back cover and tight in screws, and it still doesn’t work. Can anyone help? Or just should give it to service?

did you try to remove screen, and than assemble it again?


Nope. But I will try now :). Thank you!


Check out this thread - Fairphone Support delays - #6 by blf - I had a similar problem and solved it as shown in the thread.


If you didn’t already disassemble the phone.
When you do so, it’s always a good idea to clean the contacts with Isopropanol (>90%) and q-tips. In the thread link by @davidnbull he did so as well. :wink:

As the FP3 is a modular device there is always the possibility, that the contacts between the modules (that are not soldered of course) can become faulty e.g. by debris getting in between.

Please let us know, if you can/could solve your problem and how you did achieve it. That’s how this community is learning. :smile:


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