Downloading data from phone that won't turn on


My phone stopped working just after I has done an interview and taken some photos that I really need and they has not yet been downloaded to Dropbox.

Is there any way that I can download or save data from the phone if it won’t turn on? Ideally I would like to do this before I send it back for repair but if that is not an option then can they do this when I send it back?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Apparently yes, it is possible:

Never tried it myself, so I cannot wouch for the recovery program suggested or for the process.

As always, your problem is a reminder that one should always back up and back up… i lost a number of pics of my grandchildren when a thief pinched my rucksack (with camera) onboard a train a few months ago.

You could also modify your camera settings so that pictures are stored on a removable SD card. Then recovery is a piece of cake.

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