Download of Android update 19.11.2 failed due to space issues

Hi - does anyone know how big this update is?

The download on my FP2 failed after about 2/3 into the process. I attempted the download several times thinking it is because of my unstable internet but eventually I caught a glimpse of the briefly shown error message that there isn’t enough space on the phone memory (some 27GB of a total of 29GB is used up, mostly by apps).

I also have a SD card with lots of space on it but couldn’t figure out how to move stuff onto it.

I reckon that even the manual download would probably give me this error. But I am not sure how to make more space on the phone memory since I mostly use only relevant apps (except for Spotify… :wink:

The most immediate batch of files that you should move from the internal storage to the SD card is the folder that includes the photos and videos you took with the Camera app. That folder should be called DCIM. Try to find it through Settings > Storage (another way is through a file manager app like Amaze if you have one installed). Depending on the size of the DCIM folder, this transfer can take quite a while.

In general, I strongly recommend you stay under 25GB permanently as a crammed storage will eventually undermine the functioning of other apps, too.


Great, thanks so much, I’m on it!

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If you will follow-up with the big upgrade to Android 9 afterwards, I recommend you make sure that your SD card is formatted as “mobile storage” (not “internal”/“extended internal storage”) before the big upgrade.


Managed to bring the internal storage down to just under 21GB and moved the photos and music etc. to the SD card which (now happy about being put to work ;-)) appears under “Portable storage”, I guess that’s the same as “Mobile storage”. In any case, this time around the update itself was a breeze and everything is working just fine – I quite like the new look & feel of it too :star_struck:


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