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I try to downgrade from fairphone 3+ to fairphone 3.
Why? Before i try to install another OS to the phone (ubuntu touch)

My problem is no sound in android 9, how can that be fixed ? have i buy the wrong modul?

I buy a modul from (Fairphone 3 Speaker Module Højttaler Sort, Højttalermodul Højttaler, Fairphone, Fairphone 3, Sort, 1 stk) sorry for the language in denmark.

In German name 1 x 1587285 Fairphone 3 Ersatzteil Speaker Modul

Thanks for your time

i installed Android 10 there are sound in… wrong modul i buy?

Have you tested the microphones via the dial pad?

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sorry, i have to install android 9 right?

It isn’t clear if you have A9 or A10 but the test for the microphone is in both. It’s a standard option to test Android functional pieces

There had been a longstanding audio problem with the Fairphone 3 from the beginning. I don’t recall every tiny detail, but it might have only been really solved with one of the recent Android 10 releases.

I’m in Android 9

in *#*#4636#*#* i can’t find any info about my sound

To access the tests use 66 instead of 4636 as in post 3 above

One of the major sound issues, indicated by @urs_lesse, has been resolved

in *#*#66#*#*

Service tests -> Test Single -> Speaker -> just text in center no sound at all

You should hear a song in Chinese ~ Make sure you have the media volume on and up :: Settings > Sound > Media volume. The call volume doesn’t effect the test song playback.

The speaker module may be loose, you could check that. When did you buy the FP3?

If their is a fairphoneangel near you you could swap speaker modules maybe.

Otherwise be sure to put in an official support request, FP may send you a new speaker if you want to try that, but an official request for support is essential to use the warranty

One thing you will be asked by support is to do a factory reset so you should do that maybe before you ask officially.

The speaker module may be loose, you could check that. When did you buy the FP3? (ComputerSalg.dk : Fairphone 3+ - Smartphone - dual-SIM - 4G LTE - 64 GB - microSD slot - 5.65" - 2160 x 1080 pixels (427 ppi) - IPS - RAM 4 GB - 48 MP (16 MP frontkamera) - Android - sort)

i buy the FP3+ not FP3

Yes I’ve got that FP3+, when did you get it, I’ve also updated my last post.


Did you buy from the Fairphone online shop?

yes i buy it from a shop in Denmark buy ships in German

I posted in my first Post here

Maybe i have to wait to (Ubuntu touch) fixed the sound problem. thanks for your time :slight_smile:

You should not have a problem with a new phone it is guaranteed fro two years.

Language is an issue, you may want to post as a new topic in Danish.

You say you bought it from a shop in Denmark, I asked if you bought it online and when.

Why do you want to downgrade? And why are you trying Android 9 although your goal is to install Ubuntu touch?

Anyway, the difference between FP3 and FP3+ is mainly different camera modules and an improved amplifier on the core module, not a speaker.

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The main speaker has been upgraded on the FP3+ but the improvement to the sound only comes with the FP3+ core module, both of which you have.

So before you try to change the OS it is important to get the speaker working.

By speaker here is meant the hands free one at the bottom left not the ear speaker at the top ~ this bottom one is the one that is tested.

Yes my goal is to install Ubuntu touch.

  1. android 9 no sound (speaker)
  2. android 10 sound (speaker)
  3. Ubuntu touch no sound (speaker)

I have to wait for the new update from Ubuntu touch

OK that’s clearer: Ubuntu touch would be nice. Meanwhile you can change the launcher ~ I use Nova Launcher and at least get rid of the Google Search Bar and more.

I downloaded the apk and installed as I don’t use Google Play Store etc.

Here’s a link if you don’t mind ‘risk’ :slight_smile:

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