Don't know which module causes the problem

Hi! I bought my FP2 in summer 2016. I have two problems:

Since a couple of months I can hardly understand my phone partner because the sound quality got bad. seams like the speaker is kind of broken.
Which module contains the speaker (the one I put on my ear while having a call), so I can replace it.

Second problem is that the sensor which is measuring the distance phone-head seams to be durty. So it doesnt work propperly. When I replace the phone from my head the screen remains dark. This is for example a problem while waiting in service lines. There I sometimes have to dial an additional number concerning my wish. I cant do that because my sreen is just dark. How can I fix this?

THX 4 ja help!
Greetings from vienna/austria,

I recommend to always try Fairphone’s Troubleshooting Tool first. You’ll find instructions how to deal with your proximity sensor issue there. The earspeaker is in the top module. The Troubleshooting Tool will offer things you can do about the earspeaker, too.


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