[DONE] [FP2] Semi-broken Bottom Module to give away (Microphone broken)


A couple of months ago I had the Bottom Module of my FP2 replaced via warranty, because the primary microphone inside it broke. USB Port still works as intended.

The semi-broken module now lies around at my place, gathering dust, since I have no real use for it.
And because it is partly broken I can’t really sell it, huh? :smiley:

Anyone who would be interested in the module for whatever reason, just send me a message, fastest bird get’s the deal!

The only thing you would have to pay is the shipping cost. I’m located in Germany, so you can get a rough idea of what it might cost to ship it to you.

Comments are closed on this topic. If interested, please contact me in a personal message.

If no one bites, you can send it to Fairphone’s Recycling Program. Or if you can make it, bring it to next saturday’s Düsseldorf meetup. :slight_smile:

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Both suggestions are good ideas. Stock is good for testing modules. I remember USB port easily breaks on FP1, sometimes even on FP2. Ok, a repair shop has it too, but to test the phone with a replacement module before may be good.

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