Does the Fairphone 4 have a "lift/tap to wake" feature?

I also installed wave up. Works great!

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Battery drain of the app?

Battery darinist almost zero. Try it.

Wave Up works good,except in direct sunlight. There ist an known issue with that Sensor…

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Am I the only person who misses some quality of life features like tap to wake or automatic activation of the screen, when the phone detect it gets lifted or when I take it out of the pocket? Does someone nows a workaround for these features?


You are not alone, please read above.

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Is it possible to awake the Fairphone 4 by double tap the screen?

Es geht etwas ähnliches: Mit der App Wave up. 2 oder 3 Mal über die Frontcam streichen und das Handy startet. Probier es Mal aus.

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Hi and welcome, I moved your post to this existing topic, as this covers tap to wake as well as lift to wake

Wave Up is doing great job, except direct sunlight or absolute darkness. I will give Gravity Screen a try.

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Gravity Screen works fine for me, it just uses around 1% per hour

Ich finde kinscreen ganz praktisch. Hat echt viele Optionen um vergleichbare Features zu generieren.

I would really love to daily drive WaveUp, but I just gave up. (See Proximity sensor goes crazy in sunlight (WhatsApp, Signal, Facebook Messenger, Stock Dialer, WaveUp)). I’m still trying to get Fairphone support (or actually the developers) to fix it but to no avail.


Hi folks!

Maybe somebody has definitive info about this particular feature. I installed /e/ (and forgot to check the feature on the original FW beforehand, but from other posts, it seems to be the same problem). Unfortunately, on /e/, the feature is missing. So I guess, it’s not implemented in the hardware, but maybe somebody can clarify this once and for all, as it seems I’m not the only one looking for this feature.

I’ve searched for this, but all I found were discussions about FP3 or older, and about apps for alternative ways to wake the phone which may be nice, but of which none meets my requirements, so I would ask the admins to not move this very specific question into some thread about “lift to awake” or installing extra apps that won’t address this particular feature and where it would be buried under unrelated issues which neither solve nor answer this question.

I use a watertight case for mounting the phone on the handlebar of my bike, and the only convenient way to turn on the phone is by double tapping on the screen which works like a charm on all my other phones with stock roms or LineageOS. Neither do I want to install an extra app that is draining my battery nor does a “lift” feature help in any way.


Welcome to the Fairphone community.

To make it short: This feature is not implemented in the hardware of the Fairphone 4 or 3 and therefore can’t work with any software.


Thanx for the quick answer!

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Please also read above reg apps and battery drain etc.

Hi there,

Sorry, you just moved the question to an absolutely not applicable topic. This is not about apps or lifting or shaking, which do not and cannot work in the described environment (in a fixed casing under a transparent foil which blocks the proximity sensor). The next person with the same problem will search again and finds a thread full of non-applicable and unrelated recommendations for something they can’t use, while the only thing they want to know is whether this feature is even available in the hardware.

I have read this very thread and others thoroughly before I posted my question, because all answers were either more or less wild guesses or just unrelated to the problem in question. By removing a valid and specific question from the top level and putting it into an unrelated thread, there is no chance that somebody with actual knowledge of the hardware will ever notice it and give a definitive answer. And honestly, even Icanus’ answer is questionable as they themselve wrote in another comment about the FP3 they “guessed” it was not in the hardware. I guessed that, too, but what I’d like to know is whether I guessed right…

I think there is a bit of over-moderating here if that’s the standard. Specific questions should not be mixed up with other topics that may sound similar, but aren’t.

Just my humble opinion.

Best regards,

No need to get angry directly, you could just kindly ask to re-do the merge. I still think it fits well here and you have your answer in the topic when you read properly.

Btw as its a user forum for an official answer contactsupport


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