Does the fairphone 2 work in Israel? Someone any experience?

I am starting a group of mass consumers to purchase the fairphone 2 in my country (Israel). I need to know 100% - are the fairphones 2 compatible with the networks in my country ?

What should I ask my service providers in Israel to know that for sure ?
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please take a look at this thread:

Maybe @Letmino can share his furterh experience with his phone in Israel.
And according to the page everything should work fine with Orange


Since you are planning to buy a lot of devices, I recommend you get in contact with Fairphone directly and discuss things like warranty and replacement parts with them.


@idoreshe When you are confident about the technical requirement, I would be glad to see you continue with this adventure. In that case, please simply start a new topic in the #community category. :slight_smile:

You can find more info about FP2 and Israel by searching the forum for “Israel”. @Andrew_Deutsch might be interested to get in touch.

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Shalom Ido,

I cannot imagine why it would not be compatible with networks here.
As far as I know it should work just like any other phone.

I have been using Fairphone 1 here with no problems for several years (Golan and Cellcom).



Thanks !
I’ll have a look :slight_smile:

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