Does Pebble smartwatch work with the FP1?

is anyone using a Pebble smartwatch with their Fairphone? If so how is it working out for you?

I think it is not possible because the Fairphone currently doesn’t support Bluetooth LE. Isn’t Bluetooth LE needed for the Pebble?

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There seems to be at least one out there using it. (And I vaguely remember that I saw someone on twitter posting about having a pebble, and waiting for the Fairphone to be delivered. But that was a long time ago, during pre-order of the first batch…)

No Problem, My pebbles is working fine with the Fairphone.

Hello all,

tried to connect pebble 2 with my fairphone 1. App is running fine, but the connection via bluetooth doesnt. Connecting in bluetooth-settings works, but not in the pebble-app. App just keeps loading.

Would be thankful for help / ideas

Does the Pebble 2 require Bluetooth LE? If yes, you’ll have to wait for the release of #kitkat .


It loos like it does, at least it says here: So i have to hope #kitkat comes soon for Fairphone 1 - thanks a lot.

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Hello everyone, I am using the phone on the android system (no matter what). I’m going to replace my phone with Fairphone soon. And going to buy a smart watch, the question is whether Fairphone works with all smart watches (I have not yet decided which ones to buy), or at least with which works. I’m planning to order FP2

And I also wonder how FP will behave with a smart home system and a smart lock on my door. Smart lock refers specifically to the lock on the door, and not the lock of the phone screen.

Hallo @Al_Wolkow:
My FP2 works fine with the Pebble Steel and actually with the Pebble Time Steel. Bluetooth LE let the watch last for at least 8 days.
I need to say that I am using Lineage OS but, it also worked with the standard OS and also with the openOS.

Cheers, ElKrasso

So problems with the connection should not accure? I can not to be afraid that a smart lock or watch will not work? You are encouraging me, I would not want to throw so much money into the wind)

Hi @Al_Wolkow,

Smart lock works pretty fine,too. Also no connection problems so far.
Everythingl works lik it should.

I am yes, using a Pebble 2 with a FP2 with Gadgetbridge. Though the official app also still works atm. Just a heads up that given Pebble, Inc’s demise the postmarket 3rd party development for firmware called Rebble (“Pebble Rebirth”) is on with a Discord server


Ahoy! I just returned from a monthly business trip to another country, brought from Germany a huge number of steep tools. I report on the smart lock - everything works, everything is fine, I’m very satisfied. The younger sister (6 years old) was very surprised at how I opened the door (I was portrayed as a great magician) :smiley:

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Good news for Pebble owners.

The only smartwatch which deserves the title “smart”-watch will continue its server based operations. They will be taken over by the community.
This is their short statement:

We will be providing replacements for almost all Pebble services 🎉
Most things will work just fine when you switch to the Rebble servers
Timeline apps may require developer changes to remain functional
Timeline updates will be limited to every fifteen minutes
We will have a Patreon page for you to donate to keep the services running
We will require that you pledge around a couple of dollars a month for weather and dictation. All other services will remain free.
iOS SMS/email actions/replies will not be supported _[I can not avoid a smile]_
Fitbit are our friends
All of this is subject to change

For the whole story see:

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