Does FP2 have a general problem with the vulnerability of its microphone?

I’ve used the hardware checkup to test the primary microphone.
It’s not working, unless I put a screwdriver in the charger plugin and push it a bit. Without it does not work. I’ve removed the piece and put it back in several times. The problem stays the same.

I’ve had this exact same problem 3 months ago. I received a new piece. It worked, and then after not even 3 months, the same problem again! I’m starting to question the quality. I believe te part where you plug in the charger easily moves, and the choice to build it in the same piece as the microphone makes it to vulnerable.

I think it’s to much of a coincidence I have the same problem, as I own the FairPhone 2 less than a year ago.
I use it as a professional phone and private phone. The fact it leaves me down each two to three months is really a problem. I hope this can get resolved. I often give lectures about the conflict in Eastern Congo and I try to set a good example. But I believe I’m becoming a bad ambassador as people who call me only hear understandable noice.

PS: I’ve contacted the customer support, but two weeks later they have not gotten back to me.

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