Does FP1 work with Sleipnir (windmeter), from

Hi, as I am a sailor, I’m interested in using my FP1 as windmeter, too. But has not been tested, due to - does anyone have experience with this?

Look at the specifications of the Fairphone. It features an E-Compass and thus should have a magnetometer.

However the E-compass has been reported to be not fully reliable:

I do not own a Vaavud Sleipnir and it seems that it is not yet available to buy, so very probably nobody will have any experiences yet.

Maybe the manufacturer can give you a right of return, in case it does not work with the FP?

The e - compas works well provided it is reset from time to time, by rotating the phone a full 360°.
For instance, when using the osmand gps software, it can track the speed direction very reasonably.
I suspect its use here would be similar, relating to windspeed.
Other than that, no exp of sleipnir here…

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Hi guys, thanks for your helpful answers.
Then, I’m gone be the first to check, if FP1 works with this windmeter. Once, I got it and tested it, I will post again.
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Hi Jörg,

does it work?

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Hi Michel and colleagues,
I’m in contact with vaavud support.
They asked me for the technical specification of FP1. When looking at Support - “What are the technical specifications of the Fairphone 1(U)?”, I get the tech. specs of FP2 - strange, isn’t it?
May I ask for guidance, please, where I can find the specs of FP1?
Many thanks,
Jörg (jojo)

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I can’t find them on the website anymore either but at the Fairphone wikipedia article you can see most of the specs. (hopefully all you need)

Hi Michel,
unfortunately, not.
I got my windmeter yesterday, but the app from vaavud couldn´t connect to the sleipnir windmeter.
Hence, I asked the support, but didn´t receive an answer, yet.
Once, I know better, I´ll send you a mail.
Best regards,

Was there an error message? Could you post a screen shot (volume-down + power button simultaneously)?