Does FP Open still not come with Mozilla Location Service pre-installed?

Hey guys,

a friend of mine just bought an FP2 (yay!) and now she’s asking me what OS she wants. She’s not really a techie, but privacy is important to her. Ubuntu Touch is not an option though, since she needs WhatsApp… :confused:

Thinking back to my FP-Open days, setting up Mozilla Location Service is probably the biggest issue for non-techies. I remember there was a discussion somewhere about including MLS in FP Open and maybe even FP OS, but i can’t find it. Has that been done? If not, it might be worth thinking about again, it works great and is a huge step towards independence from Google, we’ve done it for Ubuntu Touch as well.

Sorry, i’m too lazy to flash FP Open on my daily driver at the moment, so is someone able to give me a quick answer on this one? Thanks :blush:

I have FP Open OS on my phone since it was available.
Yes, in the beginning getting a fix on the location was taking to long.
Now it has improved very much.
On F-Droid you can find MozillaNlpBackend which I have installed together with UnifiedNlp (no GAPPS) and LocalGsmNllpBackend. Perhaps this is a little over the top. but it works for me.
For installing FP Open OS please read the installation instructions at this page.
I can recommend the following wiki first steps on FP Open.

I - generally, but also especially in this case - recommend #software:alt-lineageos.
With Lineage you’ll only have to set up microg and co once and OTA updates won’t revise anything.

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I would also recommend Lineage for exactly the same reason.
Though, if you also want microg, you will still need to patch with tingle after every update, otherwise signature spoofing will be lost.

Just NLP without microg should work after OTA updates without any manual intervention.

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