Does Fairphone works without camera modules?

Hello all,
I have a question. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Fairphone to try it.

Does the Fairphone works/starts without the two camera modules?

Background of my question is that I like to be in the spa area ones a week and would like to remove front and back camera modules, but do not know if the phone then still works.

After the spa visit, I would then always plug the modules back again.

Can please someone try this out for me?

Best regards

ps Unfortunately, simply covering or taping off the camera doesn’t work.

Welcome to the forum

You don’t say which phone you have and this question has been answered, and for the FP2 and FP3 the answer is yes.

I see no reason why it would not or be any different with the FP4

For privacy you can disable the cameras or cover the lenses, I would take a phone to a damp area for very long as it isn’t waterproof in any ‘practicle’ fashion.


For the FP2, the problem is that the ear speaker is in the same module as the selfie camera, hence you need to make all your phonecalls handsfree if you take the selfie camera out. Otherwise, it indeed works with modules removed.


And how about just leaving the phone in the locker then?



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