Does Fairphone have a stance on the Hong Kong protests?

Ah, “that isn’t the point”. Actually, that is exactly the point, as we’d be competing with Chinese labor costs.

If that “wasn’t the point”, I’d be running Raptor Engineering’s hardware without a shed of a doubt. I, and many others, would. If price wasn’t the issue, a whole lot more people would even be running on a project such as Librem 5, or a project such as Fairphone 3. These are expensive products; not meant for the poor in the world. If you’re going to produce it all in-house in Europe, you end up with an even more expensive Fairphone 3. The hint is that people already complain about iPhone prices, even though quality of hardware is ace. Middle incomes can hardly afford such prices. There’s a good reason Apple picked Mac Pro to be assembled in-house in USA, and even that isn’t fully produced/assembled in USA.

They’re never fully transparent, as the “enemy” also listens; hence the need for things like secret services. It isn’t a matter of black or white which is why such a democracy index is useful.

Agreed. The Chinese Government has had a frightening influence in regards to territories that they hold in Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang, and even in the mainland with persecution of Falun Gong. Honestly, it seems too big/influential (and growing) to subvert meaningfully without being implicit in other injustices and the most ethical course of action imo would be to aim towards getting production out of there. I just bought the 3 because well there was no other options, but in the distant future would gladly pay more (even double) if production was divested completely away from the mainland.


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