Does > equal ≥?

A11 = LOS18.x
A12 = LOS19.1

and what should this mean? Btw you might want to check first, because its LOS 18.1 and LOS 19.

As Android has moved onto the quarterly maintenance release model, this release will be “LineageOS 19”, not 19.0 or 19.1.

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Is it correct the FP2 may not get Android version > 11/LOS 19?

no its def not because > means higher 11 and that means =>12 (equal/higher12)


aha :rofl:
it can also be a simple arrow

off topic and no, “greater than” is not the same as “greater than or equal to”, so are two different signs

and to not spam the original topic further…


Thank you for your instruction. I will consider over the weekend whether I should interpret such symbols as arrows or mathematical signs in the future. But thanks again for opening up the field of mathematics for me.

As someone who has filtered the #fp2 tag, so didn’t see the original topic, this discussion out of nowhere was a bit hard to understand at first.
Maybe change the title? :man_shrugging:

Otherwise I’m with @yvmuell > ≠ ≥, just add a - to that > and through the magic :magic_wand: of Discourse you’ll get the better arrow anyway → :smirk:


Agree and if you or anyone else have an idea for a better title feel free to change, seems I’m getting old as my brain is nowadays melting already with 28°C outside…

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Yeah, I don’t think I managed to clarify things.

In my defence it’s pretty hot here as well :sweat_smile:

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