Does "Backup&Restore" backup my notes in the NoteBook stock app?

Dear Fairphoners,
I’d like to reset my Fairphone. I’ve already made a backup of what is possible to backup with the “Backup & Restore” app.

But I’m reluctant to reset now as I do not know if my notes I made with the NoteBook stock app are part of the backup. The note have become quite important to me, as they show the development of my little daughter.

So, does anyone know?
Or does anyone know how I could save the note in some other way?

Thank you very much!
Best regards,

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I don’t believe these are backed up. Data within apps is never backed up, and as it’s a stock app it’s not part of the backup anyway.

Without using another backup app, I can’t suggest anything else other than copying the text onto email or another cloud based note app

Hi riley, thank you for replying!

There are 188 notes by now :-/
I’d sure like to just make a few clicks and have them saved in a text file or so…
But you are right.
If no other solution is suggested I’ll probably copy them manually.

Oh!! :scream_cat:

Yeah, I’d recommend using a cloud based app in future. I use Google Keep, but there are others. Even if you go for a more traditional app other than the stock one, you can usually save them as files - I used to use Color Note previously and that was pretty good

@kriko I think, I found what you are looking for. You need either a file explorer app with root permission or Android Debug Bridge (adb) for your computer.

Go to the folder /data/data/com.mediatek.notebook/databases/ and the file to backup should be note_pad.db.

Edit: I renamed it to try what happens, and my notes were gone, which suggests, that this is the file you are looking for.


@kriko I can confirm what Chris says:

They are not backed up.

Alternatively to what @Stefan says, you could download TitaniumBackup, backup the app with it’s data, and restore the app with its data later. Worked for me.

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Most awesome! I’ll probably do both just for the sake of trying and learning. Thank you very much! :smiley:

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I just realised that you’ve also got an option just to restore the data. I just tried that out, and restored the notepad data from about a month ago. Did work, flawlessly. You will need to reboot your device after restoring.

NB, while the user interface of TitaniumBackup is not the most user friendly I’ve seen, it’s a good piece of software which saved my ass several times. I did buy a Pro key, which was worth every penny.