Does anyone else use the app "CardDAV-Sync free" for syncing their calendars?

Hi everybody,

I use the app “CardDAV-Sync free” by Marten Gajda for syncronising my calendars with my mail account at Posteo.

This night the app was updated via the Play Store to version 0.4.10 and since then I cannot access my contacts anymore - the app asks me to enter my password repeatedly, only to give me an authentification error message.

I use the same developer’s app “CalDAV-Sync”, and it still works fine.

Does anyone else experience this?

Not that I can offer you any help, but I don’t have the same problem with 0.4.10 of CardDAV-Sync free on my FP1 with OS version 1.6

Thanks. The developers wrote me back; there seems to have been a bug with the update and Posteo accounts. I assume they fixed it.

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I’m using DAVdroid for both Cal and Card and it works fine. You can find it in F-Droid.

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