Do you think there will be a FP3+ style upgrade for the FP4?

Like the title says, do you think there will be a FP3+ style upgrade for the FP4? If so, which components do you think will be upgradeable?

Probably > Camera :slight_smile:


Most likely an FP4+ with yet another camera upgrade in late September 2022, maybe an upgraded USB-C port (but I don’t know if this requires changes in other parts of the phone). Then the FP5 in late Septemer 2023 (all my speculation based on the past).


Two possibilities according to me : a new camera module and so an FP4+ or an FP5 next year.

An update for what reason? Theoretical 120MP camera? It only creates unnecessary waste.#
For the FP2, a new camera was quite necessary, as the original version was really bad. For the FP3, in my opinion. it was just trying to fulfill the promise of upgradeability, no necessity as the new 48MP camera produces the same 12MP output as its predecessor, with only a nearly unnoticeable difference in quality.
So why upgrading the camera of the FP4? In these times the quality of the camera output depends more on the soft- than the hardware anyway, so an upgrade of the camera app helps a lot more, without producing phone parts for the bin.
If Fairphone concentrates on keeping all spare parts on shelf, as long as the phone lasts, it would be much more helpful for the idea behind Fairphone, than some cosmetic hardware updates.


I hope not. The problem aren’t the cameras, it’s the software. The FP3 already had a good camera, the same as the Pixel 3a. I hope FP will invest in software defined camera features. Because that’s the problem and also the most sustainable way to improve a phone, through software.


Out of curiosity: what is “wrong” with the USB-port such that an upgrade would make sense?


I also think the FB4 camera module will be upgraded, adding another lens to the rear camera setup.

Regarding the FP3 camera upgrades, while they may not have been dramatically improved for still images, both were much better for video, especially the front-facing module.

Having gotten used to the FP4, there really isn’t anything hardware wise that I think is a letdown… Maybe the vibration motor could be a bit more aggressive, but that’s really it, it really is pretty great! Here’s hoping that all we see are software improvements (and that we do actually see them…)

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I know it’s just a silly wish of mine, but a 90 Hz screen module would be pretty nice.

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Actually I personally think with regards to module upgrades, the screen is one of the more likely ones if it were to occur at all…
After all, as has already been said, the problem with the camera is the software. It’s got good sensors, what is left to do, add a telephoto lens? :wink:

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Can screens be plug and play or will it require a core module uograde? This happened in the FP3

I must profess ignorance regarding that. :frowning: I have no idea.

You are being ironic but the Huawei P30 does have a telephoto lense and I do miss it a bit…


Yes, my previous phone was Huawei P30 Pro and I too miss the telephoto lens…

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I think Fairphone’s intention in releasing the FB4 is that it is the hardware upgrade path for FB3 & FB3+ owners, I for one do not want to move on from the FB3+ to the FB4.

I agree with the fact improving the cameras would be unnecessary if they don’t improve the software, which really needs it, like for the FP3+. Except with adding a telephoto objective… But there’s no room for it (not enough depth behind the TOF sensor if it were to be replaced, no large enough connector).

I’d love a screen upgrade to have an OLED one with a higher frame rate and less borders, but it’s very unlikely, and except if you smash it, it’d still be unnecessary waste…


As for the camera upgrade, I agree. Apart from the telephoto lens, there is not really much room for improvements. (The software is another story.)

But regarding the display, I don’t really think it would be that wasteful. The display is usually one of the first things that break. So even if your display is absolutely fine and you just want to upgrade, in a few months or years there will be demand for second-hand (but otherwise functional) displays to be used as replacements.


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