Do you know a good repair shop?

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Who got a Fairphone repaired in a local repair shop?
Do you have a shop you can recommend for Fairphone repairs?

It would be great if you could share your experiences with the community, maybe somebody in your area also needs a screen repair, motherboard replacement, etc.

More fixes, less waste:)

Hi @anon70572005,

I think this is an interesting question. Do you mean like general technical repair shops that can replace parts you give them? Because most shops I know only repair products you bought at this shop or repair specific brands. I think that most repair shops are not really eager to start ‘messing’ with a product they don’t know or isn’t really similar to other brands.

On the other hand: due to the fact that most parts for the Fairphone are replaceable and (some of them) quite common, I would assume that some shops could fix/replace parts of you Fairphone for you? I’m just not sure that they would do it, because of the lack of knowledge.

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Do you know an Austrian Repair Shop? In Vienna?

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Hi @Robin,

So far I got very different feedback from Fairphone users. Some reported that local repair shops found it very easy to repair the Fairphone, especially because they can directly order spare parts and there are the IFIXIT repair guides in case they are not sure about the device. Others though told us that the repair shops they went to was not willed to repair the phone for the reasons you already mentioned (unfamiliarity with the product, other focus, etc.).

It would be nice to collect some feedback here with which repair shops Fairphone users made good experiences and would recommend it to others for a Fairphone repair.


I’m looking for a repair shop in London - I ordered the screen from Fairphone shop but want to make sure I take the phone to someone I can trust to replace it. Any recommendations?

Check out @RestartProject and #RestartParties - They have a number of events in London and #RestartParties kit
Hope that helps.

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Find a list here: #repairshops