Do you keep an emergency replacement battery at home?

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I won’t order a spare battery until either the one I have (which was a warranty replacement) dies, or Fairphone announces they will stop supplying replacement batteries. In the latter case I will ask them if they are being serious. Supplying replacement batteries should not stop until there are no FP1s out there anymore!


To be honest, I always recommend to other FP1 users to order a spare battery – we have seen repeatedly now that spare parts including the battery have been unavailable for several weeks. I wouldn’t want that happening to me, that is, unless I had a second phone as backup.


I still keep my replaced battery - which started to bloat invisibly (spin test) and only has capacity for a few hours now - for “emergencies”, but I rarely have to use it.

The problem with spare batteries is that unused batteries deteriorate with time.

For instance I’ve had a replacement battery for a ThinkPad at home. It was bought at the same time as the laptop but it was never used. After the original (first) battery had died, I tried to use the replacement. Unfortunately it was in worse shape than the battery I tried to replace.

Also, Fairphone had left-over spare batteries but wouldn’t even ship them to costumers because they were old.

In essence, having a spare battery is only a short term solution but doesn’t work in a longer time frame.


Yep. It really only would be a good solution if you had an external charger for the batteries.

At work we have phones with exchangeable batteries and docking stations which also have slots to charge extra batteries. It’s quite convenient, especially if many people are using the same phone model.

It’s similar to this, except we don’t have smartphones:$_35.JPG


The best way to keep a lithium battery in good shape is to let it charged at 40-50% and store it in a cold place like your refrigerator (inside a plastic bag + silica to eliminate humidity, preferably on the “less cold” area).
This way, you will greatly limit self-discharging and battery wear, you will just have to recharge it a bit every 6 months…

Keep in mind that even like this the battery will wear over time and will loose approx.10 % of it’s full capacity every year.

Source : BatteryUniversity