Do you hear me?

Since 1 week people don’t hear me when I call them or when I get called. I restarded my fairphone and tried calling normal, whatsapp & facebook.
What could fix this problem?

It’s probably a broken bottom module. You can try to disassemble your phone (if you are unsure how, just search through the forum, there are articles about this somewhere, but unfortunately I can’t link them here because I’m writing this on my phone), clean the contacts and assemble it again or meet some local Fairphoners/FP Angels if there are any in your area to swap modules and test if it’s really the bottom module.
Also, did you try to put yourself on speaker mode? Your phone uses the second microphone when you are in speaker mode, which could also help to detect the problem.


The microphone can be tested in Settings → Maintenance → Checkup → Primary microphone.

If the problem occurs in Checkup after re-insertion of the bottom module, you can ask support for a new bottom module.


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