Do you have cool ideas for forum badges?

That’s the same I suggested for the personas badges a few posts back. But I think the topics should be hidden and only accessible through a link that says: Only reply here if you own a Fairphone XYZ. Otherwise the topic will get replies from others, who don’t want/deserve the badge like it happened with the “Refugees Welcome” Topic.

first of all I have to say that I don’t quite understand what badges are about and why we need them :wink: .
Even so I would strongly suggest to abolish the badge for first flagged post
The way I understand it is that you get a reward (badge) if you privately report a post / its contents. For me this has a bad taste, therefore I want to suggest to delete this badge.


I would welcome the abolishment of that badge as well. I keep trying to earn that badge, but this community works remarkably well and I simply haven’t had a chance to flag anything… People on this forum are just too nice and respectful to each other! :sob:


I can live with both – abolishing it and keeping it. I have flagged quite a couple of times so far, but always just to report mass spam flooding (that was on the brink of overwriting the whole forum with chinese tech links). So flagging is not just about reporting the kindergarten bully to the parents. :innocent:

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So you’re saying that I have to rely on spammers to earn the badge, ey? :cry:
That’s really some tough badge to earn - really speaks for the forum though! :smile:

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I could live with and without. I already flagged a few posts and I think once you’re there long enough, you’ll have flagged one as well.

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I personally like the first flag badge (not just because I have it).

It’s not all that private. The moderators and admins can see who flagged what and they have to agree with the flag, otherwize it won’t count.

There are other badges that are a lot more unreachable (? is that english) like

  • Great Share (Shared a post with 1000 unique visitors - we only have 2 “good shares” with 300 visitors so far)
  • Good or even Great Post (Received 25/50 likes on a post - So far we have 31 nice posts with 10+ likes)
  • and then there is Promoter/Campaigner/Champion for inviting users. I don’t even know how to invite users. So far 3 of us found out.

I tried to ‘invite’ @Douwe to another topic today, but I didn’t get no badge. Still trying to figure out how to though! :grin:

I think it’s about inviting people to the forum who are not members yet.


They only stay unreachable if FP stays small. Let’s not hope that - only that we can earn our badges :wink:


When I touch the “flag” icon it says “privately flag this post for attention…” so that means that the person whose post is flagged does not see the person reporting it, nor any other user (except admin and moderators).
i am not criticizing it because it is “unreachable” but because I don’t see why there should be a reward for reporting spam in the first place - I take it this is really only for that, not for reporting opposite opinions… :wink:
As for other ,unreachable’ badges, as I said in my first post, I don’t really care for these badges anyway, - maybe it’s more of a toy for men? :wink: (like medals / Orden…)

Hey all,

So I went forward and made badges based on the personas!
People can currently not pick and choose their own, I;d have to find out how to achieve that.
But until we know, I’d like to ask you to have a look and tell me what you think. :smile:


Looks brilliant, but oh dear, no idea about the achievement criteria…
Maybe a quiz, maybe some divine like nomination from FP, maybe some democratic community panel, which nominates and then everyone gets to vote? Or maybe five golden tickets in chocolate bars… um I mean Fairphones of course! :grin:

Very nice indeed! :smiley:

here is how:

8 characters missing…

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@douwe very nice
I keep up my request though: please drop the badge for flagging a post.

Hey @Ruth_FP, I understand why you want to disable it. Flagging feels a bit like snitching, so why rewarding this?
Some others feel more like flagging is taking out the garbage or just a way to notify a moderator a topic needs some more attention. Actually many use it to just nod me or the other mods to look at a topic.

But no matter how you interpreted the ‘Flag’, I also do not see why ‘flagging’ should be rewarded and reading how you feel very strong about this I think it is ok to remove the badge. I disabled it.

Maybe we can come up with a nice new badge to replace it :slight_smile:


@Douwe is really great, and quick! :blue_heart:

Thank you!

Literally about ten seconds before I flagged my first post because of spamming?!


haha, oh, I am so sorry @leVin42!

But it is ok, no one has the badge now. :smile:
And thank you so much for flagging the spammer. Maybe I can work on a badge that awards removing spam of the forum. I feel that has a real worth for our community!