Do you have cool ideas for forum badges?

So, that’s this idea, right?

The only addition that would be cool to have, is that the underlying SQL statement for each badge would automatically revoke the other persona badges for that user. This would only work if the trigger is a create (or edit action). It’s also only relevant if the idea is that you can have only one persona badge.


I was thinking about having two. :blush: But one would be ok too (the one which fits best).

As I wrote before I don’t care for these badges and don’t understand in what way they may be useful to other members other than as a collecting game, or to the Forum on the whole. If I looked at another person’s profile it was to see where they live (regarding laguage for a DM for example).
Now I just saw this: Forum User Access Levels Explained - 4 access levels! Why? I can understand 2 levels to avoid spam, but 4?
Sorry, but together with this badge system this remindes me a little of a hierarchical organization like military and not of a Fairphone Forum.

I don’t think that everyone, who has trust level 1 should be able to recategorize and rename topics.

The levels are there for a reason, also for learning purposes. If you are a new user, it can be overwhelming to have all the possibilities of Discourse thrown at you. So Discourse gives the rights to you one step at a time, telling you after some time on the forum, what else there is to discover and to do. (a very Fairphonish approach, I’d think).


I found that to implement this technically takes to much time at the moment.
Later I can make this possible, but for now; PM me if you want to have a personas badge and I’ll assign it to you!

(this post is buried here in this thread for a reason; I want to prevent my inbox from exploding :wink: )


What do you think about an annually granted badge depending on the day you got your first Fairphone?

E.g. I enter the date in my user preferences (in a custom field) and after a year I receive a badge, just like with the Forum Anniversary badge.

Cc @Douwe

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How about some badges for spoken languages (e.g. “:gb: speaks English”, “:de: spricht Deutsch”, “:fr: parle français”)?

Can more than one badges at the same time be used as a title? (I also see that the “use badge as title” feature is rarely used here.)

I think that there could be persons that fit in more than one persona group.


What about badges, you get, when you take part in a real life activity? I’d like to have one for the Austrian Fairphoners and for the EFCT.


How about badges for receiving a certain number of total likes inside one category:


Does it have to be likes? Likes grow proportionally to the number of forum members. I think it could be posts. :slight_smile:

PS.: I enjoy the names of the badges you propose! :smiley: (Although I’d change “Dreamer” (a person whose ideas and plans are not practical or based in reality) to “Change Driver”, for example.)

So you want to promote spamming? :wink:

Well that’s a very negative definition for dreamer. To me a dreamer is someone who believes in the good of the world, thinks outside the box and comes up with great ideas. As opposed to “thinkers” and “doers” a dreamer may not be good at thinking their plans through and realizing them (themselves), but that doesn’t make the plans not practical or not based in reality.


Could anyone explain to me the difference between the Thank You- and the Appreciated-Badge please? I don’t see any difference. But there must be one as 90 users have got a “Thank You” and 91 an “Appreciated”.

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Thank You = Has at least 20 liked posts
Appreciated = Has received at least 1 like on 20 posts

But that’s the same!

Thank You = Has at least liked 20 posts

would be something different. … or not? :confused:

What I read is:
Thank You you get when you liked 20 posts writen by somebody else.
Appreciated you get when at least on every 20 posts you have writen you have received 1 like.

Since the next step from “Thank you” is “Gives Back: Has at least 100 liked posts and a very high like ratio” I’d say this badge too is talking about likes you received on your posts.

So I’d say they are the same, but there may be a minor difference in the coding which isn’t translated in the badge description which causes one person to have the appreciated badge but not the thank you badge. (Would be interesting to know who this person is - but I don’t have to go through them all right now).

I interpreted it as different statistical values, where:
Thank you - you have at least 20 posts i which you received a like
Appreciated - on the total amount of posts you have a mean of a like in 20 posts

So for example if I have 40 posts in which I received 2 likes I should have the Appreciated badge but not the Thank You one because I have only 2 total likes

I hope to be clear :stuck_out_tongue: but I don’t know if it’s right :smiley:

Other forums, which use the Discourse platform, have wondered about the same thing:

Apparently they already made changes to the description (which will come to the Fairphone Forum in a future update of the forum software):


The update is here :slight_smile: