Do we have Fairphone Open OS usage statistics?

I’m curious to know if we are 1%, 5%, 10%, 50% ?

We don’t have public usage statistics. However you can ask Fairphone how many downloads there is for the OpenOS :slight_smile:

Last time I asked it was around 5%. That was in May or June.
I can check next week to see if there are new numbers


That would be really interesting (I have been using FPopenOS since July 2016)

Maybe you would like to share some more useage statistics (if available).
E.g. active FP1 (if the updater-app still checks for updates).
The percentage would be in relation to all phones running FP OS and OOS, but not regarding devices running LOS of Ubuntu Touch as you don’t have data on those phones as well?

So aren’t we more than 5% yet? My FP2 has been on FPOOS since March 2017 and I love it. I bricked my phone some weeks ago, and during repair I had to use Gxxgle OS for about two hours. I was soooo glad when I could reinstall FPOOS again.
It is one oft the great features of Fairphone that you don’t have to use regular Android. And I do not feel quite ready for Lineage, so FPOOS is just fine for me. Feels so much better when Big Brother isn’t peeping over your shoulder (at least) all the time…


The percentage of Linux users is somewhere between 1-10%, so 5% seems pretty normal to me. Open Source software isn’t advertised by big and commonly known companies and only a few have experience with it. I guess you also need a general interest in software. Lets face it: Most users just want to use their phone and don’t think about the technical background.
I use FPOOS since 2016 and it was definetely a selling point for me. Calendar, Mail (K9), Maps (OsmAnd~), Music (VLC) and Sync (DAVdroid) of Contacts&Appointments work well and stable without Google. I need nothing else.


yeah, and from what I last heard those numbers are stable. So for every 20 Fairphone 2’s we sell, one of them installs FP Open :slight_smile:

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That’s about the time I flashed FPOOS as well :grin:

But now I use LOS. You’ve got even more control over your phone - it’s really great. And I think that’s one reason why a couple more FPOOS users switched to LOS at some point. I’d be surprised if there had only been 5% when LOS was not there yet…

I never felt ready to switch the operating system. And I think I was on 5 different ones so I switched 4 times. Curiosity outweighed my fear of breaking something :smile:


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