Do Shure SE215 headphones fit to the FP when in the protective case?

Hey everybody,

has anybody here access to both Shure SE215 headphones and the headset accessory cable?

If so, does it fit if your Fairphone is in the original case?

This is quite a specific request and you might not get an answer. This should bump it back into the “latest” list an help it be seen.

But you may have to take the plunge to find the answer. If it doesn’t fit, a number of people have slightly modified their case by making the hole bigger for their headphone jack to fit through.

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Seem that this was really to specific. :smile:

If I may publicly moan (to push it up again): The annoying bit is that you can’t try that in any shop. In-ears are only sold in the bloody package, which you can’t open. In a lot of shops, you can’t even try the on-ears or over ears properly, because they bloody well fix the cables somewhere behind the display. Wanted to try Sennheiser’s “Momentum”, and could not because the plug was inaccessible. Brilliant. Still using my old Gameboy headphones, but since I had them in the washing machine too often, they start to break.

By the way, Chris: making the hole bigger is not really an option in that case, I think. It would cause to much damage. A bit would be OK, but a lot of headphones require the edge of the plug to be nearly in contact with the phone. I had to cut quite a bit off of my old Gameboy headphone plug to make it work with the case!

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