Do not buy this phone

Just like the Patagonia Jacket Ad campaign 'Do Not Buy This Jacket’
Should we be encouraging people to ditch a perfectly functioning phone (if that is what they currently own) in favour of a shiny new Fairphone?
My wife wants one but her iphone 4 that she’s had for 4 years works perfectly.
If there are people who want this phone purely because of fashion or the desire to impress it’s completely missing the point.
Ive advised her to wait until it breaks or the IOS is no longer supported and then her next phone will be a Fairphone.


I think a campaign with the slogan “do not buy this phone” could be contra productive, since nowadays many people never read more than headlines, but generally I think it’s a good idea.


They could ask Patagonia for a First-Hand-Experience on their campaign, they are literally downstairs from the Fairphone office in Amsterdam! :wink:


Patagonia branded Fairphone cover anyone?