Do fair computers exist?

Hi everyone,
I love my fairphone and I love the idea behind it so I was wandering if I could find a company that makes fair computers. Thank you

I do not have a direct answer, but you may find such information at the ethical consumer web site:

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Nobody seems to have an answer to xguma’s question. That’s a bad sign!

On the ethical consumer site this summary is given:

[quote]Our Best Buy advice combines the total score on the corporate responsibility ranking table above with information from other areas of this report including: conflict minerals policy, supply chain workers’ rights policies, elimination of PVC and BFRs and greener products.

Best Buys for desktops will be second hand where possible.

For new PCs, VeryPC, especially its Broadleaf range, and Aleutia are best. These are followed by the other low energy PC maker, Tranquil.

Next best will be the Dell Optiplex 980 range which cost around £600.

The cheaper Best Buy option is the ASUS Eee Box mini desktop models. They cost around £250.[/quote]
There’s more detailed information for £3 or free for subscribers.

I’m not quite sure this is still up to date, can’t find any actual information, but it seemed good:

1 Like MicroPro aims to be green and fair, but with their niche products they largely depend on standard parts. At least they try their best…

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