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The diagram looks like this


I also created the batterystats.txt file. One thing immediately stands out. Every 10 minutes

+10h20m10s095ms (3) 050 +running wake_reason=0:“277 pm8xxx_rtc_alarm”
+10h20m10s240ms (2) 050 wake_reason=0:“Abort: Last active Wakeup Source: eventpoll”
+10h20m10s541ms (2) 050 wake_reason=0:“Abort: Pending Wakeup Sources: NETLINK NETLINK”
+10h20m11s205ms (1) 050 -running

Under “All kernel wake locks:” NETLINK is listed with the highest number:

Kernel Wake lock NETLINK: 48s 810ms (4829 times) real time

Wifi and bluetooth scanning was disabled. And there was no WiFi network set up.

Nothing particular stands out from that screenshot, looks normal.

Nothing particular stands out from that screenshot, looks normal.

Except for the fact that the FP4 consumed 10 % of the battery.

Do you still have the old builds I asked for? Otherwise, I’m going to install LineageOS 20230514 now.

do you perhaps have another battery to test with?

and I only keep last months builds, they’re listed here: https://divestos.org/builds/old/old.txt

do you perhaps have another battery to test with?

I don’t think that would bring any change. I had installed the old LineageOS version only a few days ago. With this, it consumed 2 % in 24 hours in airplane mode.

I found Devices - DivestOS Mobile and downloaded https://web.archive.org/web/20240419193401if_/https://divestos.org/builds/LineageOS/fp4/divested-20.0-20240405-dos-FP4.zip

Maybe it can help?

Thanks, but unfortunately this is too new.


Here is the Battery Historian diagram of LineageOS 20230514:


Consumption: 1 % in 24 hours in airplane mode (yes, one percent)

The only noticeable difference is the JobScheduler.

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Hi, if you filter with “FP4.zip” (without the quotes) here: Wayback Machine
I believe you will find all the builds of DivestOS that have been archived (I get 22 files for this search)

There seems to be a build from february 2023 that could do the job.
Good luck in your battery-life quest!

My experience shows it tends to be the apps, even if your case does look weird if you haven’t installed anything else

What worked quite well on my old FP2 was to have as root superfreeze set to automatically freeze all apps except system ones after 2 weeks without launch (with a few exceptions, I had gone through the list by hand). And very quickly my battery went down to 1% loss per night again (except when I launched a “faulty” app again. I remember Signal was the worst)

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