Distribution from China to Europe

Its known the transportation of bulk Fairphone products (e.g. assembled FP4) is done via train from China (source) to Europe (target), via Russia. This is best for environment compared to cargo ship or airfreight.

Is this distribution impacted by the war between Russia and Ukraine? Will Fairphone explore different method?

Why haven’t you asked Fairphone ?


Probably a little tone death to be asking about a shipping delay right now… Perhaps you should just email and ask.


Where is this about a delay?
Please cite, before we speculate about anybody’s tone deafness.


I didn’t say there was I said it was tone deaf to speculate :smirk:

Ah, so your post was about yourself. Now I understand, thanks. My fault, carry on.


Its my hope they investigate this and communicate about it. Its not for myself specifically. I am typing this on my FP4.

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