Distorted speaker

I have an FP1U which I have used for 2 months. Recently the speaker has become distorted. If I turn it down low it get a bit better but then I miss incoming calls - can I set internal volume and ringtone volume separately? Does anyone else find their calls distorted.
I do not play music through the speaker or abuse the volumes…?

Mine has very noticeable distortions when I go over 70-75% of the volume. Always had.

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Hi. I have the same problem. After 5 months the incoming sound becae distorted. I had made no changes in settings or soundlevels. When I call otheres they have no distortion. I hope someone can assist…

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Yes I posted in FP2 until now,- but: I am a bad guy :frowning: I gave my FP1 to my wife and the new FP2 was for me. So the problem realy is with my wifes FP1, It cam up suddenly and the speaker sounds somehow shrill and skirl. What to do?

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Sorry for moving your prior post prematurely. I’ll leave the other topic in #fairphone2help as other people replied having the same problem with their FP2s. But I reopened this topic and moved your latest post here.

I’d first try opening and carefully cleaning the FP1’s inside. Maybe a connection is loose? Also it would be interesting if it happens always or just with some apps/functions. (phonecalls, music, …)

As I said, I replaced the speaker. The sound ist somehow shrill an it is getting worse when phonig for a while.

No solution yet??

So it sounded shrill, you replaced the speaker and with the new speaker it still sounds shrill?

Same problem here. Very happy FP1U user but over the past two weeks the speaker has become so distorted that I can’t really use the phone for calling people. I can’t make out what they are saying. It’s like a bee buzzing when people talk. I’ve turned volume down but it doesn’t help so the overload is ocurring in the software or in the amp somewhere before the volume.

As I said,- yes even after replacing the speaker it is the same distorted (shrill) when you ar meking a phonecall.

Well, is there any help??

Have you checked if the problem remains when you use headphones to listen to your callers?

With earphones the sound is clear and free,- I already replaced the speaker. Do you have another idea??

The situation is unacepptable,- does support want me to send the phone in for repair???

You need to ask them directly. This is a community forum and you cannot expect official support here. Contact Fairphone support via https://www.fairphone.com/support .

Speakers have magnets.
Check for any metallic particle that could be stuck on it. If needed, remove it with tweezers.
They also vibrate, check if they are properly glued / tightly screwed