Display zooms, can't revert to normal

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, my FP2 display zooms such that I only see about a quarter of the image. And I’ve found no way to bring it back to normal (apart from switching the display off and on). This is problematic during a call or a game, etc.
Any ideas about the cause or the remedy?

Hi, from your profile i understand you know German, because my phone is on German, and i don’t know the menu items in English :wink: you might want to check Einstellungen - Bedienungshilfen - Vergrößerung. Maybe you activated it by accident ( triple click or a button in the lower row)


You’re probably right. I had ‘Magnification gesture’ set on and it allows that behaviour. I’ve switched it off and we’ll see…

Hi, You can deactivate the magnification setting or if you click 3 or 4 time quickly you should come back with normal display

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