Display, top, camera, bottom module offered, used, FP2

OFFERED: Used but functioning modules from FP2.
Only cost requested is to cover postage to your address from UK. £0 for modules themselves.

  • Camera module - Condition - working normally.
  • Bottom module - Condition - speakers working normally. People I called would often say the microphone was v. quiet, however I’ve had two bottom modules and the criticism was levelled at both right from day 1 so I think that’s just the hardware design not a problem with this specific module.
  • Top module - Condition: Self-facing camera & proximity sensor both working normally. Microphone jack had been giving static noise but this appeared to be coming from poor battery fit as a paper shim would improve it, so I believe when paired with a functioning core module/battery this will not be a problem, but I cannot guarantee it.
  • Display module - Condition: touchscreen working well. Small yellowy pixel spot from pressure distortion, approx. 2-3mm diameter, in centre of display. Display otherwise functioning as normal.
  • If you want them, I also have the fixing screws, a slimline case in Coral with some mild distortion from having to shim the battery enclosure, and 2.5 year old battery, but I doubt they’re of much interest. I don’t have massive confidence in the battery, I feel it was on its way to a replacement soon anyway.

I’ve had a FP2 for about 2.5 years. In recent months it’s increasingly suffered shutdowns from vibration and static noise on the audio jack. It eventually started to die so frequently, and be so hard to get it to start back up again, that it became unusable. Some of the problems I’ve traced to poor battery fit via the support & forum info, paper shimming helped for a while but is now not effective. Support say the core module needs replacing due to normal wear and tear, which is 350 Euros, too much for me and not a repair I expected on a phone I bought for an anti-obsolescence ethos. I did briefly consider it because I love the idea behind FP2, but I just can’t muster up enthusiasm to spend so much on getting a phone back that’s never quite had microphone clarity in phone calls or sharp focus in photos, and hasn’t actually lasted longer than competitors - the core module and battery were the main original parts left. So I’ve reached the end of the road with my FP2, which is really upsetting. But I at least want to see the working modules go on to continue their lives elsewhere rather than downcycling all of it. I’m letting you know the history so that you know the risk, I believe the modules I’m offering are working and are not tied up in these problems at all but I think it’s fair that you have the whole picture.

I am located in London, UK

If you are interested in 1 or more modules please message me, and let me know your approx. location so I can work out what postage would be.

Many Thanks,


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Hi Ele,
I’d be interested in these modules, but I couldn’t work out how to pm you. Are they still available?
Many thanks,

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