Display replacement policy

Hi, im not at all satified with fp 2 service. I have problems with legt display edge. 1/q button does not work prppperly in vertical mode. Service want’s me to send display, they will check for garuanty reasons and then replace. But they won’t tell me, how long this procedure will take. I need fp2 also on the job. So I can’t wait wirhout phone. Why isn’t it possible to send a new display an check for guaranty after I sent replaced display? Is there anyone with similar service problems?

You can order a new display and then send in your display to be checked and get a refund if it’s a warranty case.
Support can’t just send you a new display without knowing if your old one really stopped working on it’s own. That’s just not how the world works.


Hi Paula, thanks for quick respond! “That’s just not how the world works”. I don’t think this issue is a question of " how the world works", Which -besides - works pretty fine most of the time. For me it is a question of customer friendlynes and the ability to find creative solutions. For example: I’d be ready to pay for new display and wait for refund after you ceckrd the replaced display. If it is not a warranty case I’d have to pay anyway. If it was a warranty case, I’d get my money back. - Easy isn’t it?

Well then just do that, that’s what I suggested anyway.

Oh and I am not checking your display. I am a community member just like you, not a Fairphone employee.


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