Display Repairment


So, my dispay cracked and I need to order a new one - it says that there are 3 parts not included but it doesn’t say what kind of part these are. I want to order the new display but I need to know whether I need to order additional parts.

please help!

It’s three/plastic rubber parts inside the display, so you should be fine.
Have a look a the great IFIXIT display repair guide, two of the parts that are not included are mentioned in steps 27 and 28. The third looks like the speaker.

But you are right, the shop should be more specific about this and the image is to low-res to actually see which parts that are. @anon90052001 can you pass that along in the team? Can we get a more high-res picture and a textual description of the parts that need to be kept from the old display?

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Yep, I’ll pass it on to the shop manager!

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